How To Clean A Pom Pom Rug

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic of any area, pom pom rugs have always been a favorite choice for many people. However, the most frequently asked issue is how to clean a pom pom rug when it becomes soiled or worn out. This has always been quite a big issue.   These rugs, no matter how …

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polypropylene rug

How To Clean A Polypropylene Rug

Polypropylene is a common rug material for high activity areas because of its durability. It is also a preferred choice as it is pretty easy to clean a polypropylene rug. Polypropylene is a low-cost, visually appealing material that is suitable for use in virtually any room of the house today. The affordability and durability of …

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fur rug

How To Clean A Fur Rug

A common issue that people who own a fur rug have is knowing how to clean a fur rug. In this article, we will advise on a few different methods on how to clean a fur rug in the best way. Real fur contains numerous self-cleaning characteristics that help it repel dirt and stains.  However, …

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How To Clean A Cowhide Rug

So you are the proud owner of an authentic cowhide rug. Are you looking for ways how to clean a cowhide rug? That is what we cover in this article An authentic cowhide rug is made from the whole hair and skin of a cow. This is then cured using either a vegetable tanning technique …

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leather rug

How To Clean A Leather Rug

A high-quality leather rug can enhance the taste and texture of a room. It can also warm up cold-to-the-touch floors, as well as absorb echoes in a sparsely furnished living space. But one thing you will want to know is how to clean a leather rug. As with any other type of rug, leather rugs …

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dog urine

How To Clean Dog Urine From An Oriental Rug

If you are the proud owner of an oriental rug and also own a dog or pup, you will have to face the fact that accidents do happen.   So it is vitally important that when that accident does take place (urine, faeces or vomit) you are well prepared for how to clean dog urine …

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clean a viscose rug

How To Clean A Viscose Rug

There are two methods to clean a viscose rug. The “simple cleaning method” and the “carpet cleaning machine method“. But before we discuss how to clean a viscose rug it makes sense to explain how viscose rugs are made.  This will make it easier to understand why some cleaning methods are not appropriate. Natural silk …

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clean an area rug with pressure washer

How To Clean An Area Rug With A Pressure Washer

1. Decide On The Cleaning Location Choose the location where you want to clean an area rug with a pressure washer. The area should be clean and organized. It is best if you have an area that is large and smooth. This will allow you to spread out the entire rug. You should always clean …

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