How To Clean A Cowhide Rug

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So you are the proud owner of an authentic cowhide rug. Are you looking for ways how to clean a cowhide rug? That is what we cover in this article

An authentic cowhide rug is made from the whole hair and skin of a cow. This is then cured using either a vegetable tanning technique or a chrome tanning technique. The end product is a soft, long-lasting rug that keeps the animal’s distinctive markings. Skins are occasionally re-dyed to create interesting motifs and patterns.

It is important to note that the size of cowhide rugs can range from 20 to 50 square feet.  This will depend on the size of the animal from which they were derived. Outsized rugs are available on the market.  Such rugs are manufactured by combining two or more hides together.

Every cowhide rug has a unique colour and design that makes it unique. 

Cowhide rugs are popular among buyers for two major reasons:

  • they are luxurious
  • they are affordable

The majority of people choose a rug based on its appearance.  Some people prefer rugs that complement an existing colour scheme.

Aside from their visual appeal, cowhide rugs can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a bedroom. They can also serve as a focal point on a wooden floor. Their arching lines can be used to reduce the angularity of a room that has straight walls and ceilings. Because of their long-lasting characteristics, they can also be used in high-traffic locations such as corridors.

The following are the primary advantages of owning a cowhide rug:

Longevity is important

Cowhide rugs are exceptionally long-lasting due to the fact that they are made of leather.

Buyers of cowhide rugs may typically expect to enjoy their rugs for several years with only a minimal amount of maintenance.

A cowhide rug has the ability to retain its soft and pliable feel for an extended period of time. As a result, they are extremely calming to the feet.


Many high-quality cowhide rugs are free of scent and are hypoallergenic. This makes them ideal for anyone with allergies. Because they do not necessitate frequent vacuuming, they offer clean air and a pleasant breathing experience for the user.

Easy to maintain

With cowhide rugs, a simple vacuuming or shaking to remove loose debris and dust can go a long way toward maintaining their appearance.

There is no specific maintenance schedule that you must adhere to, nor do you need to use complicated cleaning techniques. Additionally, you can brush the rug with a hard plastic brush to soften the rug’s hair and keep the dirt from accumulating. Liquids such as tea, juice, coffee, and other beverages rarely penetrate deeply into the hides.

How To Clean A Cowhide Rug

Following are various methods on how to clean a cowhide rug.

You can clean a cowhide rug by shaking the rug

Carrying the rug outside and shaking it off every now and then can be a great idea. Although a vacuum cleaner can remove a significant amount of dust and dirt from a rug, shaking it outside can loosen any particles that may have penetrated deeper into the rug during its cleaning.

Note that you do not need to beat the rug vigorously in order to loosen the dirt. Simply shake it off thoroughly until you can see the dirt coming out of it.

Another way to clean a cowhide rug is to vacuum the rug

Vacuuming a cowhide rug is similar to vacuuming any other type of rug. It will assist in keeping it clean and will prevent any stains or dirt from accumulating on it. Even if you don’t need to follow a particular cleaning schedule, it’s always a good idea to clean your cowhide rug when you’re cleaning other materials as well.

Following are some general rules to take into account when vacuuming your cowhide rug:

  • Vacuuming the rug can be accomplished with hose attachments. However, if you believe the suction is excessive, you can use a dustbuster as an alternative.
  • Vacuuming should be done in the direction of the hair
  • Ensure that the brushes are not spinning on the vacuum.

A third way is to brush the cowhide rug

Brushing your cowhide rug on a regular basis can keep it looking new and clean. Even if you vacuum your rug, it’s likely that some dirt and debris will remain in some areas of your rug after you’ve finished.

Brushing your rug might assist in removing the persistent dirt from it. Unlike vacuuming, brushing your cowhide rug is a more straightforward and effective method of cleaning.

Use a broom or a brush with firm plastic bristles to sweep up the debris.

how to wash a cowhide rug

Using shampoo and water is another way to clean a cowhide rug, especially if there are stains

Using a solution of water and shampoo, you may eliminate minute stains from spills on your cowhide rug.

When used correctly, this approach is helpful in breaking up the stain and restoring your cowhide to its original condition.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Using a wet rag or sponge, apply the shampoo-water mixture to the cowhide rug. Begin by using a small amount of shampoo and gradually increasing the amount as needed.
  • In contrast to brushing, rubbing and scrubbing can be done in any direction.
  • Make certain that the towel or sponge is not completely saturated.
  • Avoid using any alkaline shampoos or soaps on your hair or skin.

Removing oil stains from cowhide rugs

Do you have any grease stains on your rug? Do not be alarmed or worried. Using a brush or anything with strong bristles, lightly scrape away as much grease as possible.   Rug cleaning professionals recommend dabbing a small amount of eucalyptus oil on top of the stain to remove it.

Using oil is a highly successful method of removing stains from cowhide rugs and other leather goods. Simply apply a small amount of oil and thoroughly rub it in with a dry, clean rag to achieve the desired results. If you are unable to remove the stain the first time, repeat the technique until the stain is removed.

Getting Rid of Food Stains

If you use a butter knife or a brush, you can effectively remove food stains from your cowhide rug. Gently scrape the rug fibres in the same direction as the spots until the stains are no longer visible.

The stain should be removed from the rug by applying pressure to it while it is damp. A small amount of non-alkaline detergent or a mixture of white vinegar and water should be sufficient to remove most of the food stains. Use a dry towel to massage and scrape the surface of the object once the stains have been discovered and removed.

Removing liquid stains

If your rug has become stained from tea, red wine, or coffee you will want to deal with the cleanup as quickly as possible.

So to get started right away, follow these steps to efficiently wash a cowhide rug:

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • paper towel
  • knife
  • sponge
  • shampoo
  • water

To start with soak up the liquid stain with a paper towel. Avoid rubbing the stained area; instead, dab it with a clean cloth. Rubbing the discolouration will only serve to spread it more.

Note: If you notice any dried stuff, scrape it away with the blunt edge of the knife in the direction of the rug hair.

Preparing the cleaning solution

Add several drops of shampoo or soapy water to some lukewarm water and stir well.


To apply the mixture to the cowhide rug, wet a sponge and apply it evenly. Rub and scrub gently until the stain is completely removed.

Keep in mind that the sponge should not be totally saturated.


Take a clean piece of fabric and wet it with water. Gently wipe away any remaining wash solution residue.

How to take care of cowhide rugs

Cowhide rugs are stunning focal points in any room. They enhance the aesthetics of any space. However, because they become dirty frequently, we will discuss the best way to take care of them?

Here are a few pointers that you can use:

The use of steam cleaning is recommended.

When it comes to caring for your cowhide rugs, steam cleaning is an excellent option. If you decide to utilise a steam cleaner, you can rest assured that you will be completely safe.

Before utilising the steam cleaner, make the following preparations:

Ensure that you pre-vacuum the rug to remove any excess pileup of stains before beginning.

It is highly recommended to warm up the steam cleaner to its operating temperature before using it on the rug.

While you are steam cleaning a cowhide rug, pay attention to your technique.

You must make certain that you clean the rug in the direction of the hairs on it. It would be beneficial if you could also keep the cleaner moving constantly in order to avoid overcleaning one region. Make certain that the rug does not become wet, since too much water might destroy the hair on the rug.


Cowhide rugs are available in a variety of designs and colours, and they are very popular. The curling of cowhide rugs is a phenomenon that affects all of them, regardless of the pattern or colour they are.

Many cowhide rug owners have complained that the corners of their rugs have begun to curl over a period of time. However, before you hurry out and replace your rug, read the following.

Curling occurs as a result of the corners of the rugs being thinner than the core area of the rug. This is quite consistent across all cowhide types. One of the most common causes of curling is prolonged exposure to heat. If the rug is subjected to excessive heat on a regular basis, it is better to store it in a cooler location and allow it to uncurl.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle a small amount of water on the rug and gently brush it until it returns to its previous shape and appearance. After that, apply a little pressure to the corners for a couple of days until it returns to its original shape.

Take special care when spraying water on the rug to avoid damaging it. Extremely wet cowhide rugs have the potential to be irreversibly destroyed. Water usage on cowhide rugs should be kept to a bare minimum, according to industry experts.

Maintenance on a regular basis

Some rug maintenance procedures will help to increase the longevity of your rug. 

Vacuuming on a regular basis is the first of these. Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to vacuuming your rug, doing so on a regular basis can help to keep dirt from piling up.

Make certain that you are vacuuming in the direction of the rug hairs and that you are shaking the rug from time to time.

Rug cleaning can also be accomplished by brushing the dirt from the rug. Make sure that you brush in the direction of the hair, just as you would when vacuuming.

Additionally, a brush with strong bristles should be used. Treat your rug with the same care you would give a brand new car, and it will reward you with years of high-quality service.

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