How To Clean A Flokati Rug

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If you have crumbs on the rug then the best way to clean a flokati rug with crumbs on is to use a vacuum cleaner using the brush attachment and spot clean the area where the crumbs are.

Make sure not to vacuum the whole rug as the rug can get damaged.


If your flokati rug has got wet from a splash of a drink, then take a  clean, white cloth dampened with cold water to spot clean the spill as soon as possible. 

Using the cloth blot from the edges and move toward the center. 

Do not rub the stain as it will just go deeper into the fibers.

You can also use a mild detergent to give you a bit of extra cleaning power.

Do not use hot water to clean a flokati rug as the heat will damage the wall.  You should also not dry your flokati rug with heat, it should be air dried but kept out of direct sunlight.

Regular Cleaning In 3 Steps

It is a good idea to deep clean a flokati rug every once in a while to keep it in good condition.


So when you are ready to deep clean a flokati rug, you should take it outside and shake it vigorously and then leave it outside for a couple of hours to air out.


Use a stiff-bristled brush (metal dog brush) to fluff the pile and untangle the fibers.  This will also help to get out any dirt or dust that is in the flokati rug.

If you have a large flokati rug, then you may want to use a wooden garden rake to get out any dirt or dust.

If whilst brushing with the stiff-bristled brush you notice that fibers are coming out, there is no need to worry as this is very normal.


If your flokati rug is small and can fit comfortably in the washing machine then use a cold water cycle together with a mild detergent.  Once the wash has been completed air-dry the rug and then brush with the metal dog brush to fluff the pile.

If you have a large flokati rug then you should not put it in the washing machine.  You should take the rug outside and hand it on a washing line.  Take a water sprayer and spray water lightly onto the rug.  When the rug is damp take a wooden garden rake and dip it into cold water with a bit of detergent and brush the rug.  You should then let the rug air dry.  After it is dry, shake the rug to fluff up the fibers of the flokati rug.

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