How To Clean An Alpaca Rug

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Because alpaca rugs are like leather, they cannot be washed or steam cleaned.  If you were to try and clean an alpaca rug by washing, the pelt could discolor or even change its shape completely.  When an alpaca rug is washed the natural oils that are in the hide will dry out, and this will make the fur not feel as soft as it was when new.

So the best ways to clean an alpaca rug are as follows:-

Powder Clean

Pour a small amount of baby powder or cornstarch on the rug.  Brush the powder into the rug with a soft bristle brush.  Afterward, shake the rug to get rid of any excess powder.


Using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, pull out any loose debris from the rug.  Make sure not to run the vacuum cleaner over the rug as this can damage the rug.


alpaca rug

Use a soft bristle hairbrush lightly brush through the fur.  You can also use a pet slicker brush to pick up any particles or objects stuck in the fur. 

Whichever brush you are using, make sure to stroke gently whilst brushing so that you should not damage the rug.

Liquid Spills

The way to clean an alpaca rug If you have any liquid spills is as follows:-

First, blot up as much of the spill with a paper towel or soft cloth.   Then sprinkle cornmeal, salt, flour, or baking soda on the rug to absorb any excess liquids. Once it has dried up, use a soft brush to remove any excess powder.

If you have got stains on your alpaca rug, then you can spot-clean the stains. 

You should create a cleaning solution made up of a few drops of shampoo or mild soap mixed in a cup of warm water. Add a small bit of cornmeal to the soapy water and thoroughly mix. 

Taking a cotton clean dip it into the mixture and apply to the rug.   Make sure you do not make the rug too wet as this can damage the rug.

Wipe with a damp cloth to remove soapy residue. 

Dry with a hairdryer set on warm, without overheating the pelt.

Professional cleaning 

Professional cleaning is the best option and the best place to get your rug cleaned professionally is usually an oriental rug cleaning facility.   

When you do take your rug to the cleaners remind them not to use any liquid and that they should not light steam the rug to clean it.

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