How To Clean An Area Rug On Hardwood Floor

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Take Extra Precautions

Hardwood floors are particularly vulnerable to scratches and stains caused by cleaning solvent.

When cleaning your area rug on hardwood floor, take extra precautions to avoid damaging the floors beneath it.


Thoroughly vacuum the rug’s surface to remove dust, hair, and other dirt. The rug should be moved if it is small enough to do so, and then vacuumed thoroughly on both sides. Vacuum the rug pad as well as the hardwood floor beneath it.


When you move an area rug to clean it, make sure to inspect and clean the hardwood floors beneath it as well.

Spot Cleaning

When it comes time to spot clean your area rug, be sure that the barrier between the rug and the hardwood floors is thick enough to prevent any moisture from leaking through to the hardwood floors.

Set up the space in preparation for a thorough cleaning of the area rug on hardwood floor.

If your area rug requires thorough cleaning and cannot be transferred to a location with more resilient flooring, firstly vacuum the rug and then carefully roll it and the rug pad up in a circular motion. Remove any debris and grit from the hardwood floor by vacuuming or dry mopping it. This will prevent scratches from occurring.

While the rug is wet, lay down and fasten a large plastic sheet to keep the hardwood floors from being damaged. Cleaning the rug using carpet shampoo or a carpet steamer is recommended, and the rug should not be replaced until it has been properly dried.

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